The text below presents the user with the Registration Conditions that will apply between you and DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA, S.A.U: (hereinafter DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA or DAS), located in Spain.

The user is informed of these Registration Conditions, which have been communicated to them prior to providing their details to DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA, and before clicking on the button "I have read and accepted the Registration Conditions ", whereby they undertake to fully accept them without restriction as well as any specific condition that may exist.

DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA, informs that they shall be entitled to modify the content of these Registration Conditions and any specific condition that may exist at any time and without prior notice.


Identification of the parties

Party of the first part, DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA, with registered office at carrer Sant Pere, nº 23, postal code 17600, Figueres, Spain, and tax identification no. A17064320. If you wish to contact us, our telephone number is +34 872 98 00 95 and our email is

The user is the person who has registered, who must be over 18.



The purpose of the Registration Conditions is to establish the legal conditions applicable to user registration on the website, which is a pre-requisite for subsequent purchases of products and/or services offered by DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA.


Procedure and characteristics of the Register

In order to register the existing forms must be correctly completed.

Once you have successfully registered you will be able to access the private part of the website, in particular the “Personal Area”. This area has various functions whereby, among other actions, you will be able to view pending orders, orders already performed, update your details, etc.

If once you have registered you acquire any of DAS’ products and services, please be informed that you will also be subject to the existing General Contract Conditions, which supplement these Registration Conditions. In the event of contradiction, these conditions shall override the Registration Conditions.


Internet user and registered user obligations


(A) Proper use of the website.

Internet users and registered users undertake to use the DAS web (the web) in accordance with law, morality, generally accepted proper conduct and public order.

Internet users and registered users shall not be entitled to carry out any action that is illicit, illegal, damaging or harmful to themselves, the website, DAS or other users.

DAS reserves the right to cancel at any time and without forewarning any user’s activity on the website and/or in the personal area which infringes the provisions of these Conditions.


(B) Password.

In order to complete the registration process a password must be entered. A password is a code known only to you and which will allow you, when you enter it together with your email address, to log in to the Personal Area for registered users.

The password to the part of the DAS website intended for registered users is personal and non-transferable. DAS shall not be liable for improper access using the registered user’s password, and the registered user assumes responsibility for the consequences of use by an unauthorised person. Similarly, the user shall be responsible for misuse and unauthorised access by third parties using the registered parties’ access password.

DAS shall not be liable for any damages caused by improper use of the web and the part of the web dedicated to registered users. The user agrees to inform DAS immediately in a verifiable manner of any loss, theft or similar of their user password, which could put its confidentiality at risk. The password should be changed according to the provisions of current regulation.


Data Protection

By way of the information provided below, DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA brings to your attention its privacy policy applicable to your personal data in these Registration Conditions.

DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA complies with all the requirements set out by current regulation on personal data protection. All the information under our responsibility shall be treated in accordance with these legal requirements, enforcing both technical and organisational security measures to guarantee confidentiality.

You confirm that the information and data you provide to DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA is real and true.

Please be informed that you expressly consent to the inclusion of the personal data with which you provide us in DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA’s files for the purpose of managing your registration, and in the event that you acquire a product or service, the management of the purchase, general, accounting and tax administration, and the development and maintenance of the business relationship. Additionally, by ticking the box that appears at the bottom of the form, you accept that you may be sent, during and subsequent to our relationship, our own or third parties’ commercial communications with website updates, activities, products, artistic or cultural services from, for example, Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation, through any means including electronically via email, text messages or similar.

If you provide us with third parties’ personal data, or do so in the future, you must give prior notice and request their consent of the stipulations contained herein. You also agree to keep the data provided to us up-to-date, and provide and inform us of any variation. Otherwise we shall assume that the information has not changed and is accurate and up-to-date.

You will be entitled to exercise your right to access, rectification, cancellation and objection by communication in writing to carrer Sant Pere, no. 23, postal code 17600, Figueres, or email to, attaching a copy of your official identification document and specifying on the envelope or in the subject, as appropriate, “Conditions of Registration - Data Protection”.

By virtue of the simple registration there are no hyperlinks enabling the communication of your data to other websites, and no invisible personal data processing is performed.

In the event that you provide us with your data, we shall understand that you expressly authorise us to process it as described above.


Exclusion of Liability

DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA disclaims any kind of liability that could arise from an improper use of its website, or from a virus or connection, availability or continuity problems, either in its website where the registration is made, in the personal area, in making the purchase or in any of the portals that appear or could appear as a hyperlink in the website.

It also disclaims any liability for possible damages caused by third parties and which are not attributable to DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA.

Regarding the links or hyperlinks outside DISTRIBUCIONS D´ART SURREALISTA, whenever the connection may appear, this will be on an informative basis, they are not under our control and we shall not be accountable for the information that they contain.


Validity of the Registration Conditions

If any of the clauses of these Registration Conditions were considered null and void or inapplicable, this would not affect the remaining clauses, which would remain in full force.

Governing law and jurisdiction.

The Spanish legal system and regulation shall be applicable. Whenever provision is made in the regulation for the parties to submit to a jurisdiction, both parties expressly renounce any claim to another jurisdiction, and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of Girona (Spain).


Cookies policy

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