Catalogue. Dalí and his studios

Dalí and his studios

Catalogue. Dalí and his studios

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Salvador Dalí, admirer and connoisseur of the tradition of western painting and the great masters, and autor of the treatise 50 Secrets of Magic Craftmanship, attached great importance to the space of creation and imagination that is the artist’s Studio. The studio is also a sacred space, which ends up being permeated by presence of the artist and even becoming his self-portrait and an intimately personal microcosm that bears witness to the creative process, and also an emblematic place, which also becomes an embodiment of the dialectic, ever present in Salvador Dalí, between the private and the public, between what is hidden and what is shown, between the wise artisan and the eccentric personage who sets out to provoke anf to get attention. Text: Montse Aguer, Laura Bartolomé, Bea Crespo, Rosa M. Maurell, Lucia Moni, Anna Otero, Cuca R. Costa and Carme Ruiz. Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 1 cm. Number of pages: 113. Editor: Distribucions d’Art Surrealista. Languages: Catalan, English, Spanish, French and Russian.